Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines.. ohh la la

Yesterday Kyle and I had our first pregnant Valentine's Day.

It was wonderful. He brought me lunch of my choice, which was Long John Silvers. It was artery-cloggin' good! lol Then we went out to eat at Red Lobster for supper last night. I must say, I appreciate food a lot more now than I ever have. IT WAS DELICIOUS! Thank goodness I had a good appetite last night because I ate more than I normally do. I figured what the hay, it's valentine's day! ;) We had to wait 45 minutes to be seated and had to go wait outside because of the lack of indoor seating. So my preggo self happily plopped on the ground and waited anxiously. Kyle told me that right now my stomach does the thinking, and that Buffet City across the street was empty. But once ya even mention Red Lobster to me, there is no turning back. Kyle's such a trooper to put up with me, even when it's time-consuming. But it was worth the wait!

After we ate he had planned to take me to see "The Vow" which surprise surprise was sold out. So we went shopping for Kendalyn instead. Old Navy has the cutest baby stuff for reasonable prices so we went there. Kyle picked out a dress that he loved, and found some matching pink jellies. We also got her first pair of denim shorts that are so adorable! So Kyle picked out a pink and white striped onesie to go with them and the shoes. I love buying things for our girl, and I love it even more when Kyle is in on it and picks things out for her. It's so much more special.

We finished the night off with an ICEE- my favorite and went home, got in pj's, and watched his tv shows in bed. It was a simple night, but I count it as one of my favorites!! It was perfect for us.

Oh and to top it off-- Miss Priss was moving SO MUCH last night. My stomach was going crazy. It was like the cherry on top. I'm one blessed gal.

Read this and thought it was hilarious:
"Our baby is gift enough for me. Just kidding, bring chocolate home or die!"

did not get me chocolate, but he did get me seafood, which in my world stomps chocolate any day... so he's off the hook! ;)

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