Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So distracted by the rose, didn't expect the thorn.

Here we are- 25 weeks pregnant. Today actually marks 100 days until our due date, which is exciting. Nothing symptom-wise has really changed. I have heartburn on an hourly basis it seems, and it's the most excruciating pain I've felt. It makes me cringe at the thought of labor pain. But then again when you're in labor, you can focus on the fact that your precious baby is about to make her appearance into the world and make the pain seem more worthwhile. I try to tell myself this heartburn is for my baby, and trust me I'm willing to take any pain necessary for her, but it doesn't make me hurt or cry less because either way it's painful.

So I'm 6 months, 1 week, and 5 days pregnant and I've gained 1o lbs according to the stupid clinic scale. At home I've gained about 8, but something about the scale at the dr that doesn't help a woman's self-esteem. However, either way, I am proud of my slow weight gain. I'm terrified it's all going to bite me in the butt these last 4 months and pile on like a flood. It's looking like I'm not going to stay within my 15-20 range since they say you gain a lb a week from here on out, but that's okay. Just means my bootey will be at the gym once I get the swing of the whole "new mom, no sleep" thing. lol

Sunday night was an awful night. We were getting ready for bed and I was doing my usual emptying of the bladder before sleep. Being the worrysome person I am I watch the toilet paper for spotting. Especially after my spotting episode a while back. Well after I went, I noticed it had a red tint to it. As I wiped, it was more and more and redder and redder. It was terrifying. I thought it was over at that point because they always tell you brown blood means old, red is bad. I didn't want to go through the whole ER process again, so we called my clinic to get a hold of an on-call doctor. Blessing that my actual doctor was on call. So told him what was going on, and luckily he didn't seem concerned, which calmed me down. He said to monitor the bleeding and call back if: 1) it was heavier and soaked through a whole pad 2) my cramping got really bad 3) I started to run a fever. The bleeding wasn't heavy enough for that so that eased my mind and heart. Kyle and I stayed awake until we felt her kick, and that little wiggle worm didn't let us down.

I've never been more grateful for her little dances and squirms.

Well it's Wednesday, and the bleeding has stopped. THANK YOU JESUS! I'm continuing to stay off my feet as much as possible to be on the safe side. I know God has this precious miracle in His hands and He is guiding me through this pregnancy with a peace that I know only He can provide. I'm thankful for His constant comfort and reassurance because without it I would be a total wreck.

I've slept better in these past few days than I have throughout the whole pregnancy. It has been very nice. I've also been woken up to my little dancer kicking around in the morning. Honestly, there's no better way to be awoken.

I've discovered I'm already so in love with this precious baby girl that I have yet to meet, and I can't even imagine the amount of love that will come when she is actually here in my arms.

It's a beautiful thing. :)

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