Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Unnecessary foul..

Here we are..31 weeks pregnant. Not a lot has changed really. Symptoms are still the same: heartburn from hades, random headaches.. The only real changes are constant back pain, uncomfortable lack of sleep, & the fact that my tummy has popped and is noticeable to society now. They don't prepare you for this kind of stuff..

Once my stomach became a definite "pregnant belly" people feel the need to make remarks. I loved the attention at first because it was "Oh, when are you due?" or "Are you having a boy or a girl?" Those questions I don't mind and still enjoy. The ones I DON'T care for, and I was not prepared for in the least are the remarks such as, "WHOA! YOU'RE HUGE!" and "Man! You've gotten big!!" Now I know if it were me, I would NEVER say this to a woman, and I don't understand where in their right mind they feel that this is a suitable statement to say to a pregnant woman. Yes, I am aware my stomach has grown, because THERE IS A CHILD GROWING BY THE MINUTE IN THERE! Thank you captain obvious. On the other hand, it's not the fact that they make remarks about my stomach, it's the adjectives used to describe it. With my hormones and lowwww self-esteem it's hard enough as it is to feel beautiful while my body is being taken over and stretched and expanded. I really don't need help from those I come in contact with. Craziest part: if a guy were to say it, it wouldn't phase me.. It's when other women say it to me. I'll try to blame it on the hormones, but deep down I know it's me being a weirdo. I need encouragement and kind words from the ladies around me, and it's obvious that's a far-fetched request. All well, life does go on.

On a lighter note, my little princess has grown so much! She is a mover, and keeps me smiling already. She loves to move during the day which is convenient for me, seeing that I'm home all day doing nothing.

We got to see her in 4D last week, and the little toot slept during the whole thing! We did find out that she has my long toes, my big lips, her daddy's cheeks, and she likes to suck her thumb and chill with her foot up by her head. It makes me even more excited to see her. To be able to really distinguish all her features and see the beautiful baby we created outside of my tummy.

We had our first baby shower this past Sunday for family and church family, and it was a huge success! I'm still overwhelmed by all the love & support shown by those dearest us. We got so much stuff for Kendalyn, and I feel so blessed. Kendalyn is coming into a great support system and family, which makes me smile at the thought. Thanks to all our family and friends, we have everything we need except for some of the basics, which we can manage to get if we don't get them at the next two showers. It's a huge relief to know that we have most of the things we need to bring her into this world. It was so fun to open all the presents and see all the goodies, and even more fun to put them in the nursery!!! Ahhhh! :)

It's crazy to think that in 9 weeks OR LESS our baby girl will be in our arms! This has gone by so fast, and at this point I just pray I'm prepared to be the best mommy to her that I can be. Even though I know there isn't a whole lot of preparation you can do. So here's to learning from mistakes, growing stronger in the midst of sleepless nights, tiny yet mighty cries, and confusion as to how to fix the problem at hand, and loving this little being with every part of my heart. I know I won't have all the answers and will find myself frustrated and lost, but I do know I am capable of love, and after all that is a greatest thing I could ever offer her.