Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beauty in the making

Symptoms of this pregnancy have pretty much plateaued since the last post. Typical weekly headache/migraines, heartburn like I've never experienced in my LIFE, and mood swings that keep me wondering if I'm still the same Krista I was 5 months ago. Overall, I'm really enjoying being pregnant.

I haven't been gaining a lot of weight (thank you Jesus!), and I'm terrified it is going to start coming soon. I would love to make it through the pregnancy, and not gain very much on top of the baby weight so that it's not as difficult to lose it after the baby gets here. I know that's wishful thinking, but the dreamer in me thinks "well I've made it half way and only gained 5-6 lbs, so surely I keep it up the other half!" We will see. My belly isn't very big, but my little one is chunking up, which is exciting! I'm assuming that in these next few weeks my tummy will begin to look more pregnant. *fingers & toes crossed*

The baby is a little kung-fu fighter! I can feel movement all throughout the day! It is the most amazing feeling ever! There is so much reassurance in the little punches, kicks, and rolls because I know that my precious baby is developing and growing in there. Now that I can feel it, I actually feel pregnant. Woohoo.

On Wednesday, January 11th we found out the gender of our little boo:

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kyle's first response was "What percent sure are you?" She told him that she can't say 100%, but she would say 98%. Eeeeeek! SO EXCITING!

We had a gender reveal Friday night, and let me tell you it was the longest 2 days of my life! It was so hard not to say anything! I'm just glad it's over and everyone knows!

Our sweet Kendalyn Brooke Little. It's so much more real now that we can call her by name, and can start buying cutesy pink things. I want her to have a tutu and bow in every color. ;) My mom said she is the baby whisperer, and that she knew it was a girl from the start. She was right..I won't say she's the baby whisperer, but she was right. She said that I'm the kinda girl that needs a girl. I must agree, and so excited that our first baby is a girl!

I just know Kyle is going to be the best daddy ever. After our ultrasound, Kyle was telling me that he couldn't help but think about their last dance, referring to her wedding. Now that's sweet. I'm happy that her wedding day is far away honestly. I'm most eager to see our little princess..will she have kyle's hair? my eyes? Will she come out big like daddy? or small like me? I'm so ready to meet this little angel that I'm already so in love with.